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  • naslov

    Universal Design for Learning – Designing for success for all learners

  • izvajalec

    Mary Quirke

  • institucija

    Univerza v Mariboru

  • izvajalec

    Mary Quirke

  • trajanje

    90 min

  • predavanje






    Are your teaching and research relevant to all your learners? They should and can be! 
    In this presentation you will learn what Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is and can be. It will set out the background, explain its application on campus and in curricula, and why it can be so meaningful for a variety of learners, including learners with disabilities.
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  • namenjeno

    zaposlenimštudentomzaposlenim in študentom + zunanjim udeležencem

  • organizator

    Oddelek za izobraževanje in študij (Maruša Fabčič, edustudy@um.si)

  • Datum: 29.05.2024

  • Ura: 10:00

  • Rok prijave: 26.05.2024

  • Prostor: MS Teams

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  • 70 prostih mest od 100


  • UD and UDL – Solutions for engaging a diversity of learners across a variety of curricula.
  • The different steps of UD and UDL – and how they can be applied across campus.
  • How to think when embracing the change.
  • How such thinking links with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Presentation of the opportunity of UDL for academics, learners and all across campus.
  • Knowledge enhancement around designing for inclusion.
  • Appreciation of the different guidelines of UD and UDL.


Mary Quirke, author of “Adopting a UDL Attitude within Academia- Understanding and Practicing Inclusion Across Higher Educationis currently a Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin. Mary completed a PhD at Trinity College Dublin with a research interest in Career Guidance, Universal Design and Disability. Prior to that, she gained a wealth of experience with AHEAD, HSE, REHAB, and FETAC with work focused on advocacy, policy creation and inclusion. This was further complimented by her active engagement with learners across Ireland, Europe, Japan and Singapore and with employers in relation to the diversity and inclusion agenda.


  • Participation in the event will be evaluated with 0.2 points for higher education teachers at the University of Maribor.
  • It is neccesary to join the event using the UM digital identity, which is the data source for issuing a certificate of attendance.
  • The certificate of attendance will be available in the portfolio.
  • For a better user experience, please install Microsoft Teams on your electronic device.
  • The video of the presentation with subtitles will be available on the YouTube channel MojaUM.
  • At the request of the participants, we will provide a transcript of the recording (dostopnost@um.si) after the event.